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Power and Revolution 2019 Free Game Download

Power and Revolution 2019 Free
Written by Mehar Muzammal

Geopolitical Simulator 4: Power and Revolution 2019 Edition is one of the best strategy and simulation game in the whole world. You can download Power and Revolution 2019 Free from our website and without any cost.

We give you this for free as a gift and we buy Power and Revolution 2019 Edition from the stream of 16$.

Power and Revolution 2019 Free Download

Overview of Geopolitical Simulator 4 Game

Strategy and Simulation

Power and Revolution 2019, is a simulation of our current world, reproducing its highlights top to bottom and over various areas: monetary, political, military, social, money related, ecological, enthusiastic, transportation…

All nations of the world are spoken to with their own highlights. The computation and situation motors incorporate in excess of 100,000 information, 15,000 writings, and 10 hours of recorded discourse. A nitty-gritty and enlivened 3D world guide assists with supporting the players, with all the outskirts, locales and significant and key areas of the world

The game consolidates the board phases of financial aspects, business, wargames, development, undercover work, simulation, and political impact and control.

Players can decide on the administration of only one nation or a few at the same time and plan community systems to change the world’s predetermination. There are down settings over numerous spaces: level of activity of terrorist associations, probabilities of catastrophic events, the reactivity of populaces, episodes of wars. In excess of twenty relevant situations with current occasions from the present world are incorporated.

Players can decide to play as a head of state or as a pioneer of the political opposition.

The Planet is Being Threatened!

The whole world is near the very edge of breakdown: an Earth-wide temperature boost, social distress, rising populism, the risk of worldwide clash, overpopulation, terrorism, cybercrime, new combat areas, contamination, shortages! As the pioneer of up to 30 countries all the while, endeavor to execute durable and compelling arrangements that will on the whole assurance a reasonable future for the planet.

And in another new play mode, “Disarray 2030”, experience the world that could exist sooner rather than later if things separate: in the midst of the worldwide disorder, create answers for keep up your power and develop your impact…

One explicit situation, “A worldwide temperature alteration”, in view of the objectives of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), has the target of restricting an Earth-wide temperature boost to 1.5° Celsius for 2100, and to lessen CO2 emissions by 45% continuously 2030. As the leader of the 30 biggest CO2 producers, start worldwide enthusiastic progress by seeking after strategies on foundations (dismantling of thermal power businesses, building power plants with sustainable power sources… ), account (burdens on petroleum items, carbon tax…), the earth, advancements (CO2 catch, improvement of electric vehicles… )… and all while staying away from vitality deficiencies and keeping up a fair spending plan just as social steadiness!

Play Role of Opposition

Pick your ideological group or unlawful association and attempt to oust the powers that be forcible, revolution, or majority rule election! Control the opposition powers, deal with the gathering financial plan, converse with the media, take a situation on legislative bills, start fight developments, win your autonomy, invade the circles of power, raise a military with the assistance of outside nations or illicit gatherings and vanquish all the domain or the capital city!

Most Realistic Depiction of Current Conflicts

Yemen, Syria, Libya, Nigeria, …The world guide incorporates all the combat areas down to the littlest subtleties: involved domains, urban communities under siege, restricted military units, universal army installations, terrorist bunch manpower, and hardware…

Power and Revolution 2019 System Requirements

  1. Operating System: Windows 10, 8, 7
  2. Processor: 1.6 GHz
  3. Memory: 4 GB RAM
  4. Graphics Card: 256MB DirectX 9
  5. Space / Storage: 4 GB available space



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